Gabriela Cranga 2017

A Dedication to Dr. Thiec
Perhaps the best memory I hold of Dr. Thiec is recorded in a mental snapshot of pre-Freshman year. I was a late comer to Delone Catholic, and therefore, was a little behind on the technical aspects of registration and classes. Late and 'out of schedule,' though I was, Dr. Thiec agreed to come in during summer hours to test me for the Algebra Honors class. This, my first glimpse at Delone Catholic, was hot, loud, and chaotic. The second phase of construction was in progress as new floors were being laid in the main office and religion hallway. Regardless of the pending issues, Dr. Thiec welcomed me into the present shambles that wereDelone Catholic and into the Delonianfamily. I have always considered

Kendall Kohler 2017

A Delone Catholic Riddle

                                            I live in a box, not too small and not too small.
                                            I have seen many faces, near and far.
                                            Many places I visited, many paths crossed.
                                            All without moving a muscle, for now I am spied on by a watchful eye.

                                           Who or what am I?

Maria Elser 2017

We Fish on

                                                                  With each wave
                                                                  My hope prevails
                                                                  We'll either catch
                                                                   Or we will fail

                                                                   Our moods constructed
                                                                   By our sleep deprived selves
                                                                   Feeling weary and worn
                                                                   Like spine broken books on shelves

                                                                   And yet,
                                                                   We fish on

Brian Shermeyer 2017

Man versus Man

                                                      One bright light
                                                      All eyes on you
                                                      As you shake your opponents hand
                                                      The ref blows the whistle

                                                       One on One
                                                       Man versus Man
                                                       You battle for six minutes
                                                       The ref gives the winner the best feeling in the world
                                                       By raising his hand in front of the roaring crowd
                                                       The loser will walk away
                                                        His dream will come another day

Kristen Landsman 2018


Anna Marie Fostik 2017

The Willows are Calling

                                                             The willows are calling
                                                             The ice-river mellows
                                                             Sparrows let forth a cry
                                              Of triumph over Winter, of hope soon unfettered
                                                     Captive Spring bursts free from her chains

                                                             The oak trees are hailing
                                                             The light in their bosoms
                                                             Dancing leaf and on bough
                                                "Long live the Light!" they cry, never suspecting
                                                  Sundance dims and is gasping as Summer's green …

Shelbie Eltz 2017

Women as objects